Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wash day- 2 week post texurizer

I don't like the way my last touchup went. I used a texurizer that was in the freezer from a last touchup and I paid the price. It didn't process my hair the way I wanted and I can barely tell that I did anything to my hair at all. The nape of my hair doesn't really hold the texurizer that well so I can tell it is starting to reverse. Oh well I don't want to put my hair through some more chemicals so soon so I'll have to wait awhile.

Wash day was Thursday.
(1) Pre shampooed with castor oil mixture.
(2) Shampooed with Paul
(3) I forgot to brew the green tea so I went right ahead and applied my conditioner.
(4) Rinsed it out and applied my leave-ins then braided my hair.

During these summer months my hair has been feeling unusually dry. I'm going to up on my moisture.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Texurizer Touch Up

After having my twists in for 3 weeks I was ready for to take them out. I still have to figure out how keep my twists moisturized and neat. They became fuzzy and I tried to moisture it at least every other day but I couldn't tell if I was doing it right.
Anyway.... I ended my 14 week stretch on Thursday. I used the Just For Me texurizer. To prep, I applied sunflower oil to the length of my hair and parted my hair in four sections. My mom helped me apply the texurizer and then we rinsed it out. I rinsed my hair with green tea to stop some of the shedding. My hair felt really hard and tangled afterwards, so I applied my conditioner and carefully untangled it. I let the conditioner sit for awhile then rinsed it out. Finally I used my leave-ins.    

I can tell that I have retained some length since my last relaxer. Not a lot but enough to encourage me to keep at this hair journey. :) I don't know why my hair looks lopsided in this picture. It isn't actually that uneven.  It seems like my hair takes so long to grow. Maybe only half an inch every 3 months!   

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