Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's Offical: I'm Going Natural

Like the title says, I've finally decided to go natural. After giving it long thought and weighing the pros and cons, I figured that this is the best thing to do.
                           Reasons I'm going Natural
(1) I have been hearing a lot about the side effects of the chemicals in a relaxer. To think that I am applying those poisons on my scalp is very disturbing. I have no doubt that a lot of the problems Black women have to deal with can be traced back to the chemical in relaxers.
(2) I'm a college student now and some day hope to marry and have kids. First of all I want to find a man that loves me for me (my natural hair and all) and won't be shocked that I want to rock the hair I was born with
(3) I want to be an example to my future kids (especially girls). I want them to see that to be just like 'mommy' doesn't have to include getting a relaxer. I've never had to deal with the pressure from kids to get a relaxer but I know that what you see around you influences you a lot.
(4) I love the hair thickness I see that those natural women have. Right now I am frustrated with the limp twist outs and braid outs my texurized hair produces.
(5) I want to see what my natural hair texture is like. I haven't had to deal with it since I was 14 and I have forgotten how it was like. I want to learn to manage the hair I was given.
I plan on doing a long transitioning. No big chop. I most likely will trim a couple of times but for the most part keep my relaxed ends until my natural hair grows to my shoulders. Right now Youtuber alexxxhes is my biggest inspiration. We'll see how it goes!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wash Day- 15 Weeks Post Texurizer

Lately I find myself looking at more and more natural hair videos. I've pinned so many natural pics on Pinterest that I wonder if I heading down the natural route. It will be a total new experience since I haven't dealt with my natural hair since I was twelve. Right now I can see a great bit of new growth and after having twists in for a couple of week detangling was especially difficult.   

I took down my twists yesterday while I was trying to get my school done. In the end I ran out of time and ended up shortening my regimen significantly.

 [1]I skipped my usual hot oil treatment and went straight to shampoo. I felt like my hair needed a good cleanse so I used the Just for me shampoo
[2] Rinsed  with green tea.
[3] Applied my Just For Me conditioner and detangled. I was a bit worried with the amount of hair I lost while detangling. Most of it was shed hair by I had a few tangles in the front of my head that took some time to get through. I still did not get all of them out!
[4] Rinsed the conditioner out and applied my leave-ins.

I tried to get a good picture of what my new growth looks like but I failed. :| Anyway these are some pics of what my hair looked like after the wash. I had not put any product in my hair yet.

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October Goals

  October Goals
  • Organize my time wisely
  • Moisture and seal my hair every other day
  • Continue my stretch until it no longer helps my hair growth
  • Try the Inversion Method to achieve longer hair 
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