Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wash Day- 15 Weeks Post Texurizer

Lately I find myself looking at more and more natural hair videos. I've pinned so many natural pics on Pinterest that I wonder if I heading down the natural route. It will be a total new experience since I haven't dealt with my natural hair since I was twelve. Right now I can see a great bit of new growth and after having twists in for a couple of week detangling was especially difficult.   

I took down my twists yesterday while I was trying to get my school done. In the end I ran out of time and ended up shortening my regimen significantly.

 [1]I skipped my usual hot oil treatment and went straight to shampoo. I felt like my hair needed a good cleanse so I used the Just for me shampoo
[2] Rinsed  with green tea.
[3] Applied my Just For Me conditioner and detangled. I was a bit worried with the amount of hair I lost while detangling. Most of it was shed hair by I had a few tangles in the front of my head that took some time to get through. I still did not get all of them out!
[4] Rinsed the conditioner out and applied my leave-ins.

I tried to get a good picture of what my new growth looks like but I failed. :| Anyway these are some pics of what my hair looked like after the wash. I had not put any product in my hair yet.

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