Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Week post Texurizer

I haven't been up to date with my blog since I've been out of town for almost three weeks now. I'm sorry to say that while I've been enjoying the salt water I haven't been as consistent with my hair routine. :( I made sure to wash my hair every week and condition it, but I haven't done a hot oil treatment, or a deep condition. I also have neglected rinsing with green tea. It's hard when you're in a different environment with a totally different schedule. *Sigh* I told myself that when I get back I'm going to pamper my hair to make up for what I haven't done the last couple of weeks.

On a side note I've been able to enjoy my hair on my trip. I never considered my hair as long and still don't but on this trip while I'm visiting family I've been getting compliments on how long my hair has grown. My Grandmother saw my hair and now insists that I where my hair down, to "show it off". However that doesn't fit my personality. I've gotten so used to protective styling that it's weird to do otherwise. :P

Oh and I'm so happy to find out I've been featured on! It's been awhile since it has been posted but like I said I'm out of town so I'm behind in the blogging world. Anyway Thanks Jen!  :)

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