Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Start of My Healthy Hair Journey

About me

Dear world:

You can call me IvyJay. I'm a college student who was always struggling to deal with my 4 type hair. I was very difficult to deal with whenever it was time for my mom to fix my hair. lol  At the age of twelve, my mom finally bought a just for me texurizer and applied it to my hair. I haven't regretted it (yet). I appreciate all those women out there who are rocking their natural hair, but I'm not ready to deal with my curls. 

     But back to my hair.

Looking back, I'm SO glad  my mom didn't put a "bone straight" relaxer in my hair. if she did, I've pretty sure my hair would broken badly. I didn't have a regimen for my hair so up til now my hair has hovered around shoulder length hair. I always wondered why my hair never grew any longer. Without knowing it, I had my hair in protective buns most of the time and almost never flat-ironed my hair. I assumed it could never grow long because I didn't see any women of color with long hair whether relaxed or natural.
However, I started doing some research and was amazed by all the women i found with gorgeous long hair. I decided, that could be me. SO here I am: the beginning of my hair journey.

Always Growing,

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