Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wash day

Just finished washing my hair today. I was supposed to post last week to start off my HHJ but I got delayed. Last week I texurized my hair on March 8, about 12 weeks post from my last relaxer which was on December 14 (my b-day!). I was pretty worried because I had lot of shedding.

Today I basically repeated my regimen from last week. However, today I did the hot oil treatment by applying oil to my scalp and hair early morning and letting it sit for awhile (while I went back to sleep. lol) I then rinsed the oil out and shampooed my hair with the Just For Me shampoo. I really have to get another shampoo that doesn't have sodium laurel sulphate and other drying chemicals. Oh well, I'll have to use it until I'm able to buy a better supply of hair products.
 After the shampoo, I sprayed my hair with green tea then conditioned and let it sit for a few hours. I rinsed it out and covered my head with a cotton t-shirt to dry some. I'm thinking of trying to rollerset my hair for the first time, but it seems a bit intimidating.
          All in all it was a successful wash. I had almost no shedding compared to last week. Yay!

Always Growing,

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