Friday, March 29, 2013

Wash Day (3 week post relaxer)

Wash day was yesterday. I'm going to try and make Thursday my regular wash day. We'll see how that goes....
Here is a summary of how things went.

I Wet my hair and  Pre-shampooed with my castor oil mixture.
Shampooed with Just for Me hair milk shampoo. I really have to get some more shampoo (or try another brand) since this bottle is practically empty.
Rinsed with two bags of green tea. Then I applied the Honey & Almond conditioner, placed a plastic cap over my head and blew the hair dryer over my covered hair for some time.
 I rinsed the tea and conditioner out in the shower and wrapped my hair in a cotton shirt.

 I tried a different leave-in spray this time. It's called Mane 'n Tail Braid Sheen Spray. I know, I know, your wondering why I would use something that says "Braid Sheen Spray" as a leave-in. My only excuse is that it was sitting on my shelf and I decided to use it since it contains glycerin which is used to draw moisture to the hair. I just wish it smelled better. I'm not feeling the scent.
I sealed my hair with a mixture my mom made. She said she used Shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil, almond oil, and rosemary and basil essence. I don't know if I like the mixture yet. The consistency was a weird grainy yet oily texture.
Maybe it was the sheen spray or the Shea mixture, but my hair didn't seem that moisturized when I  braided it last night. I guess I'll find out if it was when I unbraid it tomorrow (or maybe Monday.)

Anyway I experienced another almost shed free wash day. I hope this becomes a regular statement.

                                                               Always Growing,

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  1. Hopefully I'll be able to post a pic of my hair soon!!



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