Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scarf Updo

    Today I tried a new twist on a the most popular protective style: the bun. I always wanted to try using scarfs so today was the day.

 Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I used my phone and the lighting wasn't good.

How I did it:     

 (1) I parted the front of my hair and flat twisted it to create a faux bang.
 (2) I gathered the rest of my hair like i was going to create a ponytail. However, I instead of using an elastic band, I semi twisted all the hair around and pinned it.
 (3) I took my scarf and placed the widest part on the back of my hair and brought it forward. I did a semi knot in the front and cross wrapped the scarf ends back toward the nape of my hair, tied it, and tucked the ends in.

                                                              This is the finished result!

 I love the way it came out and i plan on doing it again soon.

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