Friday, April 19, 2013

Wash Day (6 week post texurizer)

     Thursday was wash day again. I didn't want to repeat last week's laziness so I got to work on my hair. lol

  (1) Pre- shampooed with castor oil mixture.         
  (2) Shampooed with Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo. This shampoo doesn't need alot for it to lather up which I like. However, my hair still felt a bit oily and heavy after to two lathers.
  (3) Rinsed with two bags of green tea. I keep forgetting to let the tea steep overnight so it always seems so weak.
  (4) Applied  Just for me hair milk conditioner without rinsing out the tea. I keep telling myself that I have to get a protein and deep conditioner.
  (5) After I rinsed out the conditioner, I applied my leave-ins using the LOC method:  I first sprayed Pro 23 Infusium leave-in treatment. I sealed with sunflower oil. It was leftover from my texurizer kit. I liked the avocado oil I used last week but, my mom is taking it hostage. :) I finally added the Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning cream.
  (6) After applying my leave-ins I cornrowed my hair seven braids for a future braid out.

          I haven't unbraided my hair yet so I can't tell how it is staying moisturized just yet. I don't know if I'm liking the sunflower oil.

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