Friday, April 26, 2013

Wash Day (7 weeks post texturizer)

      Yesterday (Thursday) was wash day. I really didn't do anything different from last week or the week before. I want to start trying new ways to style my hair, but right now I'm uninspired. So until I find ideas, This is my schedule.

[1] Pre-shampooed with castor oil mixture.
[2] Washed with Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo. My hair felt heavy and oily even after two lathers.
[3] Rinsed with Green tea.
[4] Applied Just for me hair milk conditioner right after the tea, and covered with a plastic cap and cloth
[5] I rinsed the product out in the shower and wrapped my hair in a cotton shirt until it dryed about 70%.
[6] I then applied my leave-ins and braided my hair in five cornrows.

After the hot oil treatment, my hair felt very heavy and clumped together. Even after the shampoo and conditioner it clumped together and seemed to dry very quickly. It was like the oil made the water just glide off my hair. I think I might have to clarify soon.

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